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tv   BBC World News This Week  WHUT  August 1, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? now, "bbc world news." ♪ here are the headlines. there is violence in nigeria as an islamic sect the tax
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authorities. hundreds died as the army puts down the group. >> people gathered to remember a woman killed in election protests. >> bomb attacks are launched on the police. >> there is a final solution to one of britain's last surviving world war women want veterans. it is the east german play. welcome to our view of the major news stories seen on bbc over the past seven days. >> nigeria is no stranger to ethnic and religious tensions. this week, the violence that flared up in the muslim north was the worst seen in some time. militants attacked police and government offices. they were protesting against the western education system and demanding sharia law.
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hundreds died. we have this report on the violence. >> and nigerian security forces say they've quelled the violence by the islamist sect. the government says it has delivered a crushing blow. they shelled what they say is the headquarters of the group. 90 people are said to have been killed in overnight firing. the army has captured many militia. they have reportedly found bomb- making factories used by the sect. they started attacking police stations on sunday. there are reports that hundreds of people have been killed in the five days of violence. the nigerian government has been concentrating its action in borno state and the capital. that is the headquarters of the s.e.c.. there has also been unrest across other states in the north of the country. there is a long history of trouble in nigeria.
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last year, they attacked government property. they're growing levels of poverty, malnutrition, and resentment in the islamic north. nigeria it should be a rich country. it has huge reserves of oil in the delta. the wealth has not been dispersed around the country. it adds to the discontent that sparked the current violence. >> the leader of the group behind the violence in the north died while in police custody. police say he was killed by security forces in a shootout when he tried to escape. human-rights watched called the killing unlawful and concerning. >> it is the end of butyl -- brittle few days in nigeria. -- it has been a brutal few days in nigeria. the target is the amount --
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islamist group. they respond in the northern city. there are reports that the leader has been captured and shot dead in police custody before he could be paraded before journalists. >> it started five days ago when the militants targeted government and police buildings. fierce clashes followed. hundreds are now dead, most of the militants. >> they are behind this. >> they have been dubbed the nigerian taliban. they believe that western education is sinful. thousands have fled the area. there was brutality on the street. with his death comes reassurances that the north and nigeria is now safe. others fear this could be a
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trigger for more violence. here is the rest of the news. >> on monday, the family of the former formula one drivers think people for their prayers. they were visiting the hospital in budapest where he was recovering after crushing. he lost control and plowed into the barriers. he suffered multiple skull fractures. he regained consciousness and was breathing without assistance. president ahmadinejad's government seems to be in turmoil just days before his swearing in for a second term. several high-ranking officials are reported to have resigned. india has launched the first nuclear submarine to be built entirely in the
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country. india is only the sixth country in the world to have a nuclear fuel submarine. the prime minister said it would become increasingly relevant to indian security. "amazingly different" is the way that secretary gates described iraq during a recent visit. he praised the security situation after seeing how the american troops are adapting to their non-combat role. we have this report from baghdad. >> robert gates came to iraq to hear firsthand how the 130,000 soldiers or adapting to their new, supporting role in the country. they are taking their cue from the iraqi commanders. they are shifting their focus from combat training. >> between now and the end of 2011, all u.s. troops are scheduled to depart iraq. we have a number of important milestones to achieve. that includes bear, and secure
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elections, and a national government, and continued drawdown of u.s. forces leading to a change of mission in august of 2010. >> august of 2010 is when the pentagon wants a complete stop to u.s. combat missions in iraq. robert gates hailed the progress being made towards a more secure existence since his first visit to the country. that was in 2006, at the height of the sectarian violence. it nearly tore the country apart. today, iraq is a very different place. but it is not peaceful yet. the reduction in violence has not completely stop the attacks. u.s. patrols continue in some urban areas. washington is concerned about the rising tensions between baghdad and kyrgyzstan --
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kurdistan. they are at odds about how to divide the royalties from natural resources. the concern is that unless the issue is resolved while the americans are still in iraq, the dispute could slide into conflict. robert gates will be pushing both sides towards a compromise. there is a potentially lucrative arms to to negotiate. iraqi government has said it is interested in buying fighter jets to help protect them from outside threats after the americans leave. >> for the americans, this boils down to one question. how to get 130,000 troops out of iraq by the end of 2011 without the security situation getting any worse. bbc news in baghdad. f.b.i. agents announced they have uncovered a homegrown u.s.
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terror plot. the seven suspects included a u.s. citizen that fought against the soviet union and afghanistan 20 years ago. at least eight people died in spanish forest fires that destroyed woodlands. a local convent and homes were evacuated as a precaution. the officials think of fire may have been started deliberately. the woman faced 40 lashes for wearing in decent clothing. she was among a group of women arrested for wearing trousers. the south african township saw renewed violence. the police fired rubber bullets at protesters who were protesting against housing services and the lack of delivery of basic services.
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we have this report from east johannesburg. >> 15 years ago, the state and angry residents clashed on these same streets. the state is now a democracy. this area has changed little from the dark days of south africa. the people are fed up with waiting period in the end, the police fired from bullets to disperse the demonstrators. >> there have been regular clashes between the police and demonstrators. it is not hard to work out why there have been demonstrations. look at the houses. there is no water or electricity. some people have been waiting for a new house for over 15 years. >> we have no water, no electricity, no toilets. >> the people feel they have been promised something that never came.
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>> as long as we get water, electricity, and houses, we will be fine. >> why should your government give you that? >> we voted for them. >> we need water. >> as the search continues for the ringleaders of the clashes in the morning, it is clear that it is a problem that has been contained but not solved. >> we want development. >> we will not stop until they give it to us. >> with the anc having won the fourth consecutive election earlier this year, recent events show how many south africans mousy violent demonstrations as the only way of being heard.
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this week, michael schumacher decided to make a trend that return. -- to make a triumphant return. he is 40 and retired from the sport in 2006 after winning 91 grand prix. bmw became the second car maker in the year to pull out a formula one. slumping sales off the track and losing streak on the tracck made it not a surprise. they were gathering in the capital to commemorate those killed in protests after the elections. several hundred people assembled on the 40th day of mourning for the young woman who died during the anti-government demonstrations.
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our correspondent has this report. >> look at the defiance. the policeman is beating him. this demonstrator refuses to give them. the police opened fire. a few yards away, you can see one of the officers taking aim and choosing. once again today, the opposition show that they could stage major protests. that is despite continuing government threats and intimidation. they gathered at a large cemetery outside of tehran to honor the memory of young woman shot dead in demonstrations 40 days ago. she has become a symbol of the opposition. >> it was all about being young and feeling passionate about freedom.
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she was not political. she did not belong to any party or group. she did not support any faction. every young iranians was there. she was there. she was one of them. >> despite the huge security presence, opposition supporters made it to her graveside. then the police moved in on them. >> we witnessed people with their faces covered in blood. i watched people getting beaten up. others were trying to save people. >> in central tehran, they sent in the cavalry. the government attempt to intimidate the opposition is having less and less of an effect. the police in spain blame the separatist group for bombing attacks. the attack on wednesday on a police barracks injured 50 people. two will guards died on thursday in another explosion.
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the report for madrid is on the attack that comes before the 50th anniversary. >> it is a holiday scene just yards from what has been branded a terrorist attack. the bomb exploded shortly before 2:00 local time, outside the police barracks. the device had been left under a patrol car of the officers who died. it brought fear to a popular tourist resort. 20,000 britons are currently here on holiday. >> we relying on the sun belt. we heard a massive explosion. -- we were lined out in the sun. we heard a massive explosion. we heard the police had been killed in a car bombing. >> the authorities immediately blamed the separatist group. i have walked down the airport in an attempt to prevent them from escaping. but early -- they have locked down the airport in an attempt
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to prevent them from escaping. yesterday, large parts of the police barracks in the mainland city were destroyed by a massive car bomb. incredibly, there only minor injuries. the spanish prime minister called the attacks a low blow. he said he was filled with rage and determination to find the bombers and defeat them definitively. bomb disposal experts discovered and detonated a second device also left under car. it is a further reminder of the capacity for violence on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the group. until this week, the spanish government had portrayed the group as weekend after high- profile arrests. the key message is that the group can still strike, including at the very heart of tourism in spain. the funeral of one of the
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last world war one veterans in britain was held on saturday. he was in the royal naval air service. he was the world's oldest man when he died at the age of 113. >> the final farewell for one of the last veterans of the first world war. he is one of the last links with the chapter of history. he is a man that helped to make sure that the cost of the conflict would not be forgotten. they've come to pay tribute to honor his passing. >> we've come here today to remember before god our brother, henry. we give thanks for his life. we commend him to god, our merciful redeemer and judge. >> henry was born in june of 1896. he was a teenager at the outbreak of the first world war. he joined the royal naval air service as a mechanic. he witnessed the naval battle of
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jutland. he made it his mission to ensure that the sacrifices of others were not forgotten. >> i have always said that many suffered. it was because of them that we won the war. >> today, across the generations, they have come to pay their respects and celebrate his life. >> henrik was generous and so many ways. he constantly deflected discussion about himself to others. he always inquired about members of our family and friends. he had the uncanny ability to remember names and faces. >> there were tributes from the senior members of the royal navy and air force. >> many have spoken about the great war, the war to end all wars. but his determination to bear witness was of a different
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order. his modesty, dignity, and evident humanity made what he had to say about the inhumanity of war all the more profound. [buglbuglers] >> 5 replica planes took to the skies. the bells of st. nicholas told once for every year of his long life. -- the bells of st. nicholas rang once for every year of his long life. it was a violent end to friday prayers in baghdad. 13 people were killed in bombing attacks. more than 130 people were injured. some of the casualties were caused by the iraqi police
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opening fire on the chaos after the explosion. it was news of the fdeath of the former president of the philippines. she fought off rumors from her own administration. she died of colon cancer. a british man accused of breaking into american space agency computers lost his latest challenge against extradition to the united states. he says he will appeal against the ruling. he says he had no malicious intent and was looking for proof of unidentified flying objects. it fits in your pocket, can open bottles. it is the swiss army knife. it has been 125 years since it began production.
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>> it is said that every goods was boy must have one -- every good it swiss boy must have one. it is recognized now, but had three of beginnings. -- but had very humble beginnings. >> it was manufactured for farmers and schoolboys. he then learned that the swiss army had decided to purchase an eye for every swiss soldier. >> thise first nye's head just a few blades. then there came the more elegant officer's knife. nowadays, you can have a knife with just about anything. this may be the world's largest knife with 314 blades.
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it may be too big for your pocket. >> everyone knows the swiss army knife. everyone seems to have one. it is a cultural phenomenon. we decided to have an exhibition. >> the swiss army knife may have begun as a simple tool. one of the reasons it stays so popular is the huge variety of implements that you can get. you can even design your own. i am going to have a go at it. i'm going to start with the standard played. and i'm going to take the corkscrew, can opener, and see if i can turn into a knife with a little help. it is probably a job best left to the professionals. visitors are fascinated. it is the kind of attention that his great-grandfather never dreamed of. >> i do not think back then that
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he ever had the idea that this would go across the world and become a symbol for swiss quality and reliability. a think his ambition was to manufacture the knife for the swiss army. >> deny that began so modestly -- the knife that began so modestly has conquered the world. it has even been into space. it continues to delight small boys everywhere. an airplane used by the leaders of communist east germany is back in service. it is not in the air. a dutch business and bought the aircraft and is turned into a luxury hotel in holland. we went to the dutch village to take a look. >> this propeller airplane is a relic of the cold war. it was produced in the soviet
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union. it was used by leaders of communist east germany to travel across the eastern bloc. today, nearly 50 years after the aircraft was built, it is in service again. the east german comrades by be surprised at what is being used for now. on board, you can see that the aircraft has been given a five- star facelift. it has been transformed into a luxury hotel. it does not fly anymore. with this plane, you can take a vacation without taking off. the plane only has one bed but many of the creature comforts that the communist leaders could have only dreamed of. the businessman who purchased the aircraft believes that holidaymakers will be lining up to check it out. >> when they want to celebrate something, an anniversary, or a
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wedding, and they're looking for something special, i think this is special enough. >> it did not look so special a few months ago. the aging aircraft had to be taken apart to get it from germany to holland. then the makeover began. they ripped out the old communist-era interiors. there's one part that has changed little. >> my favorite part of the entire hotel is probably the least one juror is part. that is the cockpit. it has been left virtually untouched. it has not changed since the pilot sat here. everything is written in russian. it is a child's dream with buttons to push and pedals to push. they still have the emergency rope that the pilots would use to get out of the plane quickly.
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would anyone really want to come and spend the night here? the owners are certainly hoping that this combination of communist history and comfort, the idea of checking into a hotel airplane, will really take off. bbc news in holland. that is all from "this week." please join us next week. goodbye for now. ♪ >> funding for this presentation was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, the newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank.
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